About Me


Hello Honeys, welcome to my blog!

I’d like you to feel at home, so to begin, my name is Kendra. I am a May-baby since I was born on May 1st. I have a Manx cat named Berlioz (said: Burr-Leo) and we talk to each other about our problems, like, he tells me when he’s hungry, lonely or wants to play.

I use to be a Christian recently though I’ve been finding that they don’t have it all right (neither does almost any religion). I stopped celebrating almost every holiday because I found out that there are pagan-god worshiping roots in just about ALL of them (Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s day, Halloween *no-duh lol*, Father’s/Mother’s day *I try to remind myself to show my parents appreciation more often throughout the days rather than only on those days*, Queen’s days and all that other jazz) I do observe the Feasts of the Lord Yahowah (the Almighty), you can read more about that in the Beliefs & Spirituality section.

I’m married to a wonderful guy named Daniel (we have been together since May 17th 2013 and married on September 6th 2015) and you can read all about how we met and got together in the Love & Relationships section along with our wedding and other things.

Photo on 2014-03-23 at 19.01 #3

(Daniel and I, 2013 around September. Hanging out in my room with two of my eight siblings)  

Photo on 2014-03-23 at 19.00 #2


(Daniel and Berlioz)

As part of my beliefs regarding femininity (and clothing) I do not wear pants. Now before you freak out and imagine me running around au naturel 😉 I wear dresses, blouses and skirts. That will be peppered throughout the entire site and for those of you who are considering it or curious about why that will be in the Beliefs & Spirituality section.

I don’t wear make up very much, because I have sensitive skin, and I prefer natural/organic cosmetics. Now, in case you don’t already know Natural and Organic cosmetics are NOT cheap! So I’m saving up while looking around for nice mascaras and eyeliners, please let me know if you have a good natural/organic brand you like! Anyhow, I still have make-up tips and tutorials in the Fashion section.

I love animals, cookingclothes, fitness, gardening, hairstyling, health, photography, reading, sewing, writing and these will all be included in various sections on here.

You can read more about that in Beliefs & Spirituality or Love & Relationships. And you can read about the benefits/struggles of living with some of these choices. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy yourself. 😀

Please look around and I would love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you may have.


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