Why I Quit Wearing Pants


(Late November 2012, that’s me in Kennewick Washington visiting some life long friends)

So, I’ve quit wearing pants. Why? How? What could possibly compel a person to make such a strange decision?

I’ve made a lot of changes to my life and wardrobe in the last 7 – 8 months that never even crossed my mind before. I grew up wearing pants (like most women in America within the last 30 – 45 years). It is very recent that I’ve been convicted about this. There are actually a few reasons that I stopped wearing pants, things that I hope other ladies might consider before squeezing into another pair ever again.

My Health

You might see this and think, “What? Health? What could that possibly have to do with clothing!” It’s true though. This may have just been one way that Yehovah chose to get my attention, but wearing pants (especially tight ones.. any tight clothes for that matter) can cause

  1. Nerve damage
  2. Lack of circulation
  3. Cellulite (aka. Cottage cheese of the legs)
  4. Hormone Imbalances
  5. Muffin Tops (aka. fat side lumps)
  6. Irritability & Mood swings
  7. Digestive issues
  8. And much more!

I’ve been there (in the list) I LIVED there, I experienced pain from wearing pants and a sling of other unpleasant things that I really had NO idea were caused by my clothes.

I have an ovarian cyst on my right side (which I realized in December 2013 when it ruptured.. Ouch! 😦 ), intermittently I would have bad cramping/side pains. I began to notice around December 2014 that I was experiencing worse and worse cramping still I had no clue what caused it. I was eating right, I was walking/exercising everyday (because at that time I was a dog-walker). I slowly figured out, after much draining research, hip pain, tears and lots of confusion, then MORE tears.. that my jeans were causing me the pain.

So I decided to get rid of all of my “tight” or “fitted” jeans, even though they weren’t that tight (at least that’s what I thought). I tried to hold onto pants for a while longer, but no matter how LOOSE or, even, baggy the pants were I was still experiencing side pains and a lack of circulation that not only gave me more pain & mood swings… it also gave me buttne (butt acne). Yup. Sorry everyone. Had to get real with you there. Maybe this won’t ever be the case for you, but for me it became really bad. Thankfully though, this has cleared up since I switched (along with the sling of other problems!). 😛

My Spirituality

If you grew up going to church or if you’ve ever read the bible.. or seen the Duggar Family, I’m sure you’ve heard of Deuteronomy 22:5. This verse bothers a lot of people, so no matter what you’ve heard please try to keep an open mind as you read.

Deuteronomy 22:5 A woman does not wear that which pertains to a man, nor does a man put on a women’s garment, for whoever does this is an abomination to YHVH (Yah-Ho-Vah) your Elohim.” (this is from The Scriptures translated/produced by the Institute for Scripture Research.. if you’d like to learn more about this or get your own please check out it out here. I love this ministry I talk about it in other posts as well.)

This verse weighed on my heart for about a month, before I was able to get my feminine wardrobe started. During that time I did a lot of research. And I only became more convinced.

Have you ever heard of “acting your age”? Well, here we are talking about “acting your gender”! 🙂 The Bible is very clear that men and women (although equal in value) have very different purposes and roles in life. Wearing clothing, haircuts that demonstrates those differences does something very profound. And even if you haven’t come to know your Creator, following these guidelines are very beneficial to you. I noticed I began involuntarily being more humble and meek after I stopped wearing pants and put on dresses/skirts. Almost automatically I was being more ladylike and pleasant. Kind of like, a constant reminder that you aren’t a rough/tough man even if you’re a strong gal it’s a good thing, we’re suppose to be more gentle creatures.

Just to be clear this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! If you’re wild, you can still be wild! It definitely takes some getting use to though.

(There are many more bible verses I could share with you guys, I will leave some of them in the resources and you can check them out if you’re interested). 🙂

Society’s Increasing Gender Confusion

Now, sometimes I will lose my luster a little and this REALLY helps me stick with the switch (as if avoiding buttne isn’t enough of a reason for me to stay away from pants!) You walk the streets and what do you see?

Everyone is wearing similar things. You’re playing the try-to-identify-it game (guy-or-a-girl?) with your friends and family. There are very few distinctive features left for people to use as identifiers of someone’s gender. Men are using makeup now (straight men!), girls are cutting their hair short for fun, guys are growing their hair long (which, btw, in turn makes their movement more effeminate), most people are going along with the “unisex” trends.. it just embodies backwards mindsets. Now this isn’t the way it’s always been (so many people try to say that) but women only started wearing pants within the last 80 years (popularly).

A comparison I like to make is: A man wearing a dress and heels vs. A woman wearing pants and a Polo shirt. Why is it that in our culture only one of those is considered cross-dressing? It’s because we’ve become desensitized.

If we don’t respect these differences, if we don’t draw the line where we’re told (by His Word)… No one will. People go through life being confused most of the time. Being bi, being lesbian, being homosexuals, it’s sad and it’s not okay! Now I’m not saying they’re bad people (I don’t know all of them) they are certainly confused though. And our job as believers is to be the salt/leaders/judges of this world! If you don’t stand up, no one will. Did you know that 95 – 98% of the time people are waiting for other people to do something first? They’re waiting for you to make a move. They’re waiting for you to take a stand.

Embracing My Femininity

This was more of an after-thought and I guess ties into to most of my reasons for the switch.  I only owned one skirt and it was not flattering on me so I didn’t wear it. I was no longer being a feminine creature. I was being a… Wanna-be-man-lady-thing. I mean don’t get me wrong. I love styling my long hair, I like wearing bright colors and looking pretty. I didn’t accept and embrace my feminine-ness-isity though. On a typical day, I would wear a pair of jean-pants or jean-shorts and a T-shirt or tank top. I was in dire need of a wardrobe-feminizing!

Being Modest

Now, a big one. Modesty. Did you know that in Montana a politician actually wanted to ban wearing yoga pants in public? He called it, indecent exposure I believe. When my sister told me that she was in disbelief, she thought it must be a joke. But I think it is a good point! A lot of people don’t realize how much they’re showing off even though they’re “fully covered”. If your clothing reveals every curve, crack, and cranny on your body… that’s not covered or modest. That’s called wearing a second skin. Most clothing today is designed with that goal in mind, “How much is too much skin?”- “How sexy can I be?” .. Here’s a thought how about we 180 this logic. “How much is enough.. How covered can I be?”-“How modest and respectable can I be?”.

Below is an excerpt from Dressing With Dignity by Colleen Hammond. She is quoting a conversation between Muhammad Ali and his daughter, and I think he put it so beautifully (the importance of dressing modestly):

Screen shot 2015-04-01 at 12.46.04 PM

So even if you don’t take anymore away from this than just adding ONE more dress to your wardrobe or some flower clips for your hair, I’d love to hear what you thought about this article! If you’re interested in how I made the switch (or how you can make the switch and what to expect) please read How To Make The Switch.

What are your reasons for quitting pants? Is this the first you’ve heard of it? Please comment, share, and like. ❤


The Scriptures – Deuteronomy 22:5, Exodus 28:42, 1 Timothy 2:9-10, 1 Corinthians 11:14-15, Leviticus 18:22

Dressing With Dignity by Colleen Hammond


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51FtEJcr6zc (this video is about overall body health, mostly regenerative tissue hair/nails/skin and touches on the topic of tight clothing)




3 thoughts on “Why I Quit Wearing Pants

    1. Hey Kayla, I don’t use a ‘version’ so to speak. Because I use a direct translation based on the Masoretic Text -and of course, the new testament, with Greek & Hebrew manuscripts-. But you can find a copy here ( http://bookstore.aroodawakening.tv/collections/books-bibles/products/the-scriptures ) from the Institute of Scripture Research. One of the biggest differences is that it includes the Almighty’s name (which is in the original scriptures over 6,000 times) but the name was removed by Jewish Rabbis (and other people) and can no longer be found in the modern bibles. Hope that helps 🙂

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