How I Met My Soul-Mate


in September 2012, I met Daniel (I was 16 years old)

It was a time long ago… in a land called Las Vegas -sorry I couldn’t help myself! 😉 😀 My parents taught seminars across the country and became quite popular (I would travel with them for most of the events to handle the desk job and sign in sheets). During this time, when we were home there was a lot of people coming in and out of our house just about every day. Usually people would come to visit because they wanted to talk about legal issues or work related things, seeking advice from my parents. I knew most of the people at least by their first name. It was no surprise though to see complete strangers. LOTS of people were coming and going. So I don’t know about you, but when there’s new people and I’m not feeling social I try to hide in my room. I think because growing up my parents would hold business meetings, for things like Amway, and we were told to stay upstairs. It wasn’t ‘professional’ for 6 – 8 children to be running around the house. So I think that’s why, now, I tend to hide. lol I don’t know really.

But, one day in September I came sauntering into the kitchen. And I see three very tan (sunburned) people in the living room. I hadn’t seen them before. And thankfully they didn’t see me! lol I ran back to my room and asked my sisters who they were. They didn’t know anymore than me about these intruders.. I texted my mom (she was in the dining room right next to the livingroom, I would have to be seen if I wanted to ask her in person so that made it a NO-go). I found out it was a lady named Amy and her two sons. They were at our house cause their house had been illegally raided by government agents, I believe, they were behind on a tax payment. Not sure exactly what they said. My mom asked me to come out and show them Jerome. My green cheek conure (a mini parrot).

IMG_0279(R.I.P Jerome 2011 – 2013)

Amy was a bigger lady, with a tight-looking face that wrinkled when she smiled. One of the boys had shaggy hair just below his ears with a short beard, I guessed he was in his twenties. He had that “I live in my mom’s basement with no intention of moving out.” look to him -Oh, boy lol-.. and the smaller guy looked like an owl! Big eyes, glasses, tiny lips, round little body. I guessed he was around 9 or 10.

Well I didn’t think much of it, they were all quite awkward when I went to say hello and show them Jerome. I literally took this bird everywhere in the house with me except for the shower. He hated being left alone. Oh, and he loved my cat (Taco) and my sister’s dog.

Well, Amy and her sons weren’t interested in petting or holding Jerome! I was like well sheesh. You better be glad he doesn’t know you rejected him! I scuffled back to my room, continued to my usual schedule and forgot about them.

A few days to a week later..

We hosted a huge local seminar (about 740+ people attended). I. Was. Busy. On the second or third day of this event I got called over to another sign-in table where we had a notary. I was suppose to get someone’s information filled out on a form and answer a question he had. Guess who! It was Amy’s son. Not the little one. The one with the beard 😉 . He asked if he needed his mom’s signature on a document. I shook my head and did a double take, before incredulously retorting, “Your mom? How old are you?” he shyly smiled, “I’m 16.” Oh! Well that’s a surprise he looked much older, I thought.

So I helped him. We talked very briefly. I found out his name was Daniel, and I could tell he liked me but life went on. At this point in time I was actually going back and forth (all over the united states) and truth be told A LOT of guys liked me. So I didn’t really think much of it. Plus, he was from Kansas. I’m definitely a city person. So I didn’t think about him after we said goodbye. I was certain he lived on a farm and did Kansas things *shrugs*.


My brother got married to a wonderful lady named Victoria, and we had to go to Kennewick (washington) for the wedding. That’s where her family lives and they (Berto and Tori) agreed that she would move to Vegas to be with him and around our side of the family. They had a beautiful wedding and not too much later I was visiting again but no Tori. It took some time before her family adjusted to life without her. Because she’s a party ball 😛 .. (her family had one less person than our family. Yeah we joked that they were our twin family. They have 6 girls and one boy, ours has 5 boys and 3 girls. So they were one baby short of actually matching us!)


Another seminar came up in Chicago. The venue we chose had a coffee shop and I was really looking forward to it. Little things make me happy :). We arrived. I heard we would be meeting up with some people before the event started, to get their paperwork out of the way. My parents told me about the things that have happened to ‘these people’ and it sounded like they needed the help as quick as possible (the government can be pretty crooked sometimes). We got to the hotel, and we met up with this family-I heard so much about. Oh! It’s Amy, her husband and their two sons!

While we were getting everything together for the seminar (printing papers, preparing handouts, etc) my mom realized we needed change. Someone asked Amy’s older son to go with me to the lobby and get smaller bills. So we did, and as we were walking down the hallway I realized he was actually pretty cute. He was wearing a baggy hoody and some jeans.. his hair was still kind of shaggy. We both got a little nervous I guess and we kept looking at each other but not saying anything. I wanted to think of something to say, really badly! I couldn’t though. It felt really nice though, so safe just standing by him. We entered the elevator, exchanged a few awkward smiles and then just started laughing! It was so silly. Neither of us could really speak. I remember he looked about 6ft – 6ft 2in while we were in the elevator (later I found out that he’s 5’10 😉 ). We got the change and went back up to the room, I tried to wipe the smile off of my face. I didn’t want anyone to think I liked him! *blushes*

He had such a sweet smile, he’s very quiet though. Later on that day when he did start to talk I was surprised to find out that he was smart! I expected him to be, ehem, well from Kansas… not use words properly, not know math, etc. I know that’s incredibly closed minded of me, but I had never been there before and I just kind of assumed lol..

Btw.. We had lots of food there!


(Josh at Chicago Seminar, and under the table is Anny taking a nap 😉 )

IMG_0178 IMG_0186

(Anny and me, I didn’t have a straightener with.. curly hair + no straightener + hotel showers =… the above photo)IMG_0189

Well, by the end of this trip I learned a few things. This guy loved green tea frappuccinos with extra whipped cream, the same as me! He was actually very knowledgeable on a variety of topics and he wore this blue/white striped hoody A LOT. When we had to leave Chicago I hugged his parents goodbye and his little brother. I didn’t want to hug Daniel though. I decided that unless I wanted to have feelings for him I shouldn’t. So for now we would go our separate ways and I didn’t want to be attached to him.

January/Early February 2013

I heard we would be visiting Kansas soon and I was feeling pretty mellow about it. I was really looking forward to hanging out with Daniel (and Josh, his little brother, sorry that I didn’t mention his name yet). I had been texting Josh since the November seminar. He actually sat out front at the sign in table with me & Anny. I got to know him a bit. He’s a funny guy.

Anyhow, this trip was amazing. I began to see Daniel in a VERY different light. I got to meet a lot of his family. Jump on the trampoline with them for HOURS (my family hasn’t really owned a trampoline *that I remember*, any time we had neighbors or friends with one though we would abuse it and just have a blast!). We stayed up late talking in groups, having wonderful meals and I even met his nieces and nephew. I got to see Daniel in his natural environment and there were so many similarities between us and yet lots of differences. I felt like I’d known him my whole life. :3

There are a few highlights on this trip that I’ll have to share.. (I don’t remember the whole trip to be honest. It’s been a long time).

We had a seminar in Kansas, which is why we went! I hardly remember that though haha.. I do remember when Daniel was going to walk me out to the parking lot to get something from the car. It was night time. The seminar would be finishing soon, and we were smiling… not talking too much. I began to realize that I paid more attention to him than he did to me (or so it seemed), and I felt a little silly. It was so pretty outside though.. it was very cold and there was hardly anything but the stars lighting up the parking lot. One of us said something about pretending it was the zombie apocalypse and so we RAN to the car and I think I let out a giddy squeak! It was exhilarating and felt so romantic.. I just wanted to kiss him!

Oh my goodness… did I just think that? That would be inappropriate. I’ve hardly spoken to this guy. Why would I kiss him? He probably doesn’t even like me as more than a friend. I got hold of my thoughts.. swirled around -literally- basking in the feelings as we made our way back into the building. But we were locked out! I was fighting this strange almost random urge to kiss him and we would be locked out of the building until Josh came back to let us in!

Daniel seemed to be having a good time, too. He was composed though.. it was icy cold outside. I’m not sure what happened next.. I think I bundled up in his jacket or we had just gotten my jacket from the car.. either way I bundled up. lol He tried calling Josh.. there was really bad signal on the INSIDE of the building though.. so we we were freezing cold.. holding our breath and it just got colder with each ring! He answered though! And within a minute he came to let us in.

– the next night or so-

Daniel, Josh, Daniel’s niece Mikayla (that girl is tall!) his nephew Matthew (who was SO funny I think I could’ve lost consciousness if I had laughed any longer!) and Daniel’s other niece that they called Sydo (short for Sydney, 1 1/2 yrs old). Sydo had an obsession with electronics. It was so adorable! I wish I could find the picture… but Daniel was holding her on his lap and letting her play with his phone. I don’t think she even knew how to use them lol! It was precious.

Daniel absolutely adores Sydo and he would set her up on games or things she liked to do on his phone.. and I just sat there watching him. I felt a strong sense of admiration. I could see myself like this.. with him. Somewhere down the road having children of our own (I could see he was going to be a great dad) :3, stay up late at night talking with friends/family and enjoying every bit of life.

–Read Part Two to find out what happened next!–


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