Two Ingredient Pancakes (No Flour!)

Paleo PancakesI found this recipe a few months ago and at first I thought there is NO WAY this thing is going to work… no way it’s going to be the same.. no way it’s going to taste good.. I expected it to be eggy or weirdly textured. Maybe the egg and banana wouldn’t stick together properly. But, it’s like a very soft-yet-dense pancake with a slight sweet banana taste. It’s really good! They’re more filling than the usual pancake and I don’t get that nasty stuffed feeling after eating these that I get with a normal pancake.

Since my family is into ‘no gluten, no bread’ or the paleo way of eating… we’ve been using this recipe quite a bit. Traditional pancakes definitely take way too long to make (IMO), and these are sweetened by nature (the banana) so let your stubborn routine go and enjoy something old.. with a new twist! 😉

1 Banana
1 Egg
(optional toppings) Honey + Butter, Syrup, or Jam.Yields 1 large pancake or 3 small ones.


  1. Preheat your pan with oil or butter on a medium heat.
  2. Put both of your ingredients in the blender (if you don’t have a blender you can use a fork to mash the banana and whip/beat the eggs in with it) and blend until it is foamy.
    (If you’re using a fork to mash the banana, make sure it looks similar to this before adding in the egg. It’s hard to mash it up once the egg is added.)
  3. Once your pan is ready and making tiny cooking sounds, pour in your mixture and wait until it’s mostly cooked through before flipping. These are a little easier than flour-based pancakes to rip. After the first few will probably get the hang of it.
  4. Dress it up with your favorite preserves (jam), honeybutter or syrup and ENJOY! 🙂Paleo Pancake

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