How To Get Rid of Cellulite (No Exercise)

Since Fall and Winter are rolling in and these are the months I tend to be a little more stationary (and I think so do most people… right?), plus everyone is busier. It’s getting cooler outside there’s shopping, baking, gift wrapping, traveling, lots to do in preparation for this time of year!

Today felt like a good day to share my top 6 favorite ways to prevent cellulite and keep my arms+legs tight even without exercise. Because that’s something I am passionate about! I like to look good even if sometimes I don’t feel like doing my workout. Let’s face it, sometimes I am only human and I get sleepy. It doesn’t mean I don’t wanna look good, and I don’t think I need to feel guilty for choosing a nap over that workout video.. Or even if I decide to read a book! Because sometimes working out isn’t enough to get rid of that cellulite.

Okay! Let’s get into the not so delicious details of cottage cheese A.K.A hail damage A.K.A cellulite.

90% of all women (and 10% of all men) have SOME form of cellulite on their helpless little bodies.
There are 6 different types of cellulite. (Grades Zero/One/Two/Three, Soft/Hard Cellulite).

Cellulite is subcutaneous (which means: situated under the skin) fat causing dimpling or lumpiness of the skin between our collagen fibers, this happens especially on women because of the way that our fibers are designed. Anybody can get cellulite, it doesn’t mean that you’re overweight. Even skinny people get cellulite. Goodness, I’ve seen skinny people with more cottage cheese then I turn my head and see a very juicy woman with equally smooth legs! Some slim active women can end up having more cellulite than an inactive woman of the same size. However, in most cases If you are overweight losing weight can help reduce cellulite. Which is good news.

So let’s talk about what causing it in the first place and the best ways to get rid of it (or for those who don’t have it, how to help prevent it).

NOTE: I recommend working out in addition to these 6 awesome tips for even better results and overall health.

A lot of doctors will say that they aren’t quite sure what causes cellulite in the first place, they do know that many things contribute to it though. I will summarize what I’ve read (and also my personal findings), you will find pretty much the same thing from every medical doctor or even plastic surgeons.

Things that contribute to cellulite include: Lack of blood circulation (which deprives your body from oxygen. Oxygen helps everything move around and prevents that fat from hunkering down into any clumps), hormone imbalances (this includes insulin trouble), smoking, being overweight, poor diet, dehydration, gaining and losing weight quickly (not maintaining a healthy or generally steady weight. This happens for some women during pregnancy and ‘fad dieting’.), and thin skin (usually caused by poor diet).

What You Can Do NOW!

1. Self Massage (Or Professional)
Right after a shower/workout massage your legs with lotion or oil (any skin safe lotion or oil is fine, just do not use low quality or impure oils like vegetable oil, canola, hair oil serums, these will clog your pores and are usually very bad quality). After applying your moisturizer you can be a bit more aggressive/firm with the movements. There is no ‘right’ way to do this, just don’t hurt yourself by rubbing with too little moisturizer, it will create too much friction and cause a rug-burn like effect. If you’d like a guide for optimal results click here. It is important to alternate your rubbing technique in example: switch from circular motions to up-and-down motions, using your knuckles, then a squeezing motion, etc. You could go to a professional for a deep-tissue massage. Other things similar to massage include dry brushing, ex-foliating scrubs (such as coffee scrubs).

2. Cold Rinsing
Put your body into shock as it tries to heat then cool switching from hot/warm water to cold water. This will increase blood flow, burn fat, promote hair growth, get your lymphatics flowing, cleanse your organs, reduce acne and of course, our goal, get rid of cellulite. For a tutorial please watch this video. This one is my personal favorite and I do this every time I shower!

3. Stop Crossing Your Legs
If you have a tendency to cross your legs while sitting… STOP! Instead, try tucking one foot behind the other and gently pressing the knees together and letting your feet slide to one side (either the right or left). You’ll look far more elegant and this will increase your blood flow! We need that. Your blood will help to fix any damage done in the legs as well as allow toxins/unnecessary particles to pass through.. and out! If you’re stuck sitting for a while during a car ride or a plane flight take breaks when possible to stretch, kick or even just flex your legs & bum! This will help to gently tone your body and open up your blood vessels.

4. Drink Water (LOTS OF IT)
Water helps to cleanse the body. Hydrating properly helps to maximize the functions in your body and prevents cellulite by allowing your body’s content to flow more freely, thus preventing blockages or pile ups like cellulite. Make sure you’re only drinking purified water. No more tap water! It’s filled with weird chemicals, bacteria, arsenic and sometimes radioactive waste! Don’t believe me? You can look up or request the water quality report for your area, some are better than others. So if you don’t already have one you can invest in a water purifying system. They have them attachments for refrigerators, stand alone systems that can be placed in the fridge or on the counter top and portable options that you can take with you!

5.Eat Fewer Processed Carbohydrates (‘Bad Carbs’)
Potato chips, cookies, cakes, donuts, white or ‘enriched’ breads, and other processed carbohydrates are bad carbs. Unlike whole wheat bread, brown rice, fruits, vegetables and natural (good) carbohydrate options. Bad-carbs are refined and processed. They have been stripped of their natural fibers. These natural fibers are important because they help the food which contained the fiber to move through our digestive system slowly and prevents any blood sugar spikes. When you don’t eat enough of these good carbohydrates in their natural fiber-y form you are increasing your risk for heart disease, colon cancer, decreases your body’s ability to control your weight and fat distribution.

6. Get a tan!
Although this doesn’t technically rid your body of cellulite, some natural bronzing can help to make any imperfections a lot less noticeable! Plus getting some sun can help you sweat out a little excess fat as your body does it’s job trying to keep you cool.

cellulite requires the skin to show pallor (pastiness), be lower temperature, and have decreased elasticity, in addition to anatomical changes noted by microscopic examinations. (source listed in resources)

After loosening the fat deposits and increasing your blood flow with massage, shocking your body into burning the fat for heating then suddenly cooling your body, avoiding future blood flow blockage (by uncrossing your legs, and mayhaps flexing your legs throughout the day when you are stuck in a sitting position for a long time), updating your diet, and increasing your purified water intake, you should see some major improvements!

The best way to keep these healthy changes is to now incorporate weight training and exercise, if you aren’t already doing that. Building your muscles will help strengthen the connective tissue in any trouble areas and make it even easier to prevent future cellulite attacks ;).

PS. If you’re already working out with/without weights, make sure you take time to stretch afterwards. It’s important for preventing cellulite, among many other things! 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this. There’s a lot of other ways to prevent cellulite without exercise, these are just the ones I’ve personally tried that I find work very well and I like them the best! What are some of your favorite ways to prevent or rid yourself of cellulite? Leave a comment if you’ve tried these and let me know how you liked it! Which do you think was the most effective non-exercise technique? Please, like & share. ❤



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