Pregnancy Pinks

Okay, so maybe we didn’t learn as much as we had hoped. I still feel like I have a lot to share with you guys, though. This is week 12 if my calculations are correct, but if we go along the midwife’s guess I’m only around 6 -7 weeks now (If I’m even pregnant).

Expecting a period? Well the midwife had sent me home thinking I was crazy. She told me to expect a period within 2 weeks of the date of last month’s ‘period’. Telling me that the bleeding must’ve flushed out the newly formed baby at 6 1/2 weeks (October 9th – 14th), and that I will probably have another period around the 9th – 15th of this month. SURPRISE! It’s November 21st and I still haven’t had any bleeding.

Let me just rehash a few things for you and hopefully anyone with similar issues may find some comfort knowing that professionals can’t actually tell you that much. They may just know more about what could happen, but you have to be the one to TELL them what you think and feel is going on. You know your body and you’re the expert on what’s normal and what’s not. ❤ More often than not when a woman suspects she’s pregnant, she is. Sometimes you have to wait it out until the proof is in the pudding… or in this case tummy. 😉

HPT Results – Sunday, November 8th
I took the second home pregnancy test and this time I added a few drops of water, testing my theory of the ‘hook effect’ (hormone levels are above the number that the test can handle so it shows negative when it’s in fact positive)… I was SO relieved when I saw the two pink lines show up on the test! They showed up relatively fast, too. This proves that I was not “all cleaned out from the miscarriage one month earlier” as the technician and the midwife suggested after the (first) ultrasound JUST DAYS before. This was very reassuring for me. Obviously they had missed something!

Ultrasound Report – Tuesday, November 10th
We got the report from the ultrasound on November 10th about a week after having it done and it said, “Pregnancy confirmation. Uterus is enlarged, endometrium is thickened. No intrauterine gestational sac, fetal pole, or fetal cardiac activity as of yet.”

I almost jumped out of my skin I was SO excited that there was at least a LITTLE proof somewhere that I’m pregnant. They hadn’t seen the baby, but they also didn’t see any evidence that the baby WASN’T there.

The lady who performed the ultrasound actually didn’t know what she was looking at and I don’t entirely think it’s her fault because we found out more after the next ultrasound… apparently my anatomy is a little different than other ladies, and that comes as a surprise?

Second Ultrasound – Wednesday, November 18th
Two weeks after the first ultrasound
I started to show SO much that we couldn’t hide it anymore and decided to make the announcement anyways on Friday the 13th for the weekly Shabbat. I wanted to get another ultrasound though, to see if it was one or possibly two babies. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m pregnant with twins! We went to the health college to get the next ultrasound.

The students and the instructor who performed the ultrasound COULD NOT find any baby.. but they could barely find my uterus! They were looking down VERY low and actually had trouble locating all my parts.. but I’m already showing and my baby has been up much higher since week 8 (when I was able to feel the baby moving around my belly button, just a little below it). I didn’t know much about the whole process and I didn’t want to tell them, ‘Hey! Look up higher.” cause last time I had said something I got a little discouraged (by the midwife).. thinking about it now though I really think I should have said so. The students FINALLY found the BOTTOM of my uterus a little higher than they expected, they zoomed in and saw the lining is thickened but the didn’t see much else. Their conclusion, “Maybe you’re early pregnant? You’re definitely pregnant though.”

My conclusion: Twins
I’ve had this feeling since the beginning, kind of wondering what if it’s twins? People say that you feel movement sooner with twins, show sooner and women with twins are more likely to have trouble with ultrasounds. I read an interesting article from a woman who was pregnant with twins and every doctors appointment she went to for 9 months up until the birth of her two babies, was told, “you’re not pregnant. I don’t know why you’re gaining weight, the ultrasound doesn’t show anything, etc.”.

Realization: High Uterus, MAYBE it’s twins as well.
My ovaries are much farther apart than most women, they’re closer to my hip bones than they are to the center (birth canal) and my uterus is up by my belly button. The first technician had trouble finding things because of this and she probably wasn’t looking at my uterus when she concluded that there was “no sign of pregnancy”. The students were looking REALLY low, like my private part LOW.. They seriously must’ve been 5 -6 inches below where baby actually is and I’m short. So there’s not much room lol We had a new midwife selected and I told her about the findings from the second ultrasound and she suggested we go in for ANOTHER ultrasound at the place that our first midwife suggested. Daniel and I decided to take a break from ultrasounds, maybe we won’t get prenatal care for a while? Maybe I’ll continue to exercise, take my prenatals and eat right.. then we will get a midwife just to deliver the bab(ies)?

Well this is everything we found out! I’m sorry if it’s a little disappointing, I know I was really hoping for some concrete facts to give you guys a solid “yes” or “no” about what’s going on with the pregnancy.. but that’s not how it’s going. I can tell you the baby has continued to move more and MORE, my mom and Daniel have been able to feel it from the outside already.
I’ve continued having morning sickness, round ligament pain, my tummy has continued to grow, I’m losing my appetite quite a bit cause I feel so darn full/squished up inside, I’m peeing less often these days which is a much welcome change, and my weight is slowly going up.

I don’t know why it’s so hard as a pregnant woman to just accept that sometimes you have to wait until the proof is visible and undeniable. 🙂 Keep in mind I usually have a flat stomach! (evidence of once not having a balloon down there here)

Has anyone else ever had something like this happen to them or is this just weird sounding to you guys? Please share any thoughts below! Thanks for reading and shabbat shalom!


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