Don’t Use Shampoo (A guide to natural hair care)

Second Day Hair


So a little over a year ago I started the ‘no poo’ challenge and I did that faithfully for about 6 months and I’ve continued to use the no-poo method in a modified way, called, few-poo. Now, I would say my hair is pretty healthy. In addition to eating good nutritious foods and drinking lots of water I attribute my healthy hair to few-poo.

In case you don’t know what that is.. no-poo means giving up on shampoo and conditioner in order to cleanse your scalp and hair follicles of unwanted buildups, demithicones, silicones, and other nasty things that coat the outside of your hair making it appear to be healthy and smooth, when you rinse it off though your true hair condition is revealed to be, usually, really unhealthy or ratty. (Few-poo means you don’t shampoo much, I use the no-poo method for most washes and then once a month or every two months I will do one shampoo on my hair using an all natural food grade shampoo and/or occasionally I will use conditioner, and that is few-poo).

Benefits of No Poo:
People will think you’re disgusting as soon as you tell them, but if you don’t they will never know. 😉

Shampooing your hair strips your noggin of it’s natural balance and oils, you need these oils to protect and nourish your scalp & hair, the no-poo method helps to restore the natural balance in your scalp and thus your hair

Once this natural balance is restored your greasy hair will become less greasy and dry hair (drink some water ladies!) will become more soft and shiny because the healthy natural oils will be able to get to your hair and nourish it!

Your hair will grow quicker / thicker

Get fewer split ends

Your hair will be lighter-feeling, bouncier and generally softer

You no longer have to worry about the toxic ingredients from shampoo or conditioner forming tumors or cancerous growths in your body (I will include a link in the resources about that!)
You will save tons on hair care products!

How it works
So basically when you do the ‘no poo challenge’, you don’t stop washing your hair like some uninformed people say! We do recommend washing your hair LESS… 🙂 It’s good for you though. You just use baking soda instead of shampoo and apple cider vinegar in place of conditioner, and if you’d like when your hair is freshly washed, and damp (almost dry) you can put some coconut oil or other moisturizer of choice on the ends to mid shaft (to about ear height) of your hair.

How To Start
When you first make this switch you’ll need a cleansing shampoo, some no-poo(ers) recommend grabbing a cheap bottle of dandruff fighting shampoo because it will strip your hair of buildup. I personally didn’t do this step when I started, I just did one last shampoo with an all natural product made of actual food grade ingredients then I did an apple cider vinegar rinse which washes the buildup of products off your hair.

If you’d like to do the vinegar rinse it’s really simple. Take a little bit of apple cider vinegar -a couple tablespoons- and then fill up a bowl or cup with water. Mix the two together, make sure it’s enough to cover all of your hair (less of both ingredients for short hair and more for long hair), then bend over a sink or tub with dry hair and pour the mix over your hair. Let it sit for a little if you’d like you can leave it in or rinse it out after 1 -2 minutes. NOTE: if you choose to leave it in once your hair dries you won’t be able to smell it until you get your hair wet again.

When it’s time to wash your hair again, aka. when it begins to get greasy hopefully it’s been 2 -3 days (at least) since the last wash you can now begin no-pooing!

You’ll need a squeeze bottle with a cap and a sprayer bottle. I have these, that I got at the dollar store and I had a set before that I got from Target in the travel size toiletries bin.

Take about 1 tbsp of Baking Soda carefully put it in the squeeze bottle and fill the bottle up the rest of the way with water. Shake this up until the baking soda is dissolved. It’s easier to use if it’s all dissolved. If you’d like this to be scented, then go ahead and add a few drops of your favorite essential oils ( has some really good ones.)

Now, take the sprayer bottle and put 1 – 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in it and fill the bottle up the rest of the way with water.
NOTE: I prefer to use purified water in my hair care bottles and we have a showerhead that removes the harsh chemicals from our tap and ‘softens’ the water which in turn is easier on our skin and hair. You may want to look at investing in one of these, they are available at most stores and online.

Shower time.
After thoroughly soaking your hair (with water) take your baking soda bottle and squeeze/pour this mix onto just your roots kind of like how we use shampoo. Once it’s all over your scalp massage with your finger tips until it feels slippery, this means it’s working right and your scalp is clean.

Rinse thoroughly and then it’s time for your ACV sprayer. Take the sprayer and spritz it all along the bottom of your hair up to about ear height (midshaft) of your hair. Let this sit, I like to leave it in while I finish washing myself or shaving. Again, at the end of the shower rinse thoroughly and preferably with cool to cold water. This will close your hair follicles and seal in moisture.

What To Expect
Most people will probably tell you that everyone gets a different reaction during the transition phase. When your revealed hair condition needs time to adjust and get beautiful. Some people get extra greasy between washes because their hair has been so dry and lacking in nourishment that your body overcompensates and now that it has a chance it produces a ton of natural oils attempting to help in the repair. This is fine, it will settle down. If you’re worried you can use some dry shampoo (Arrow root powder or some cornstarch powder for lighter hair, darker haired people can use cocoa powder sprinkled on your roots and then rub it in, let it sit and then brush it out) or to make things go along quicker start putting more days between washes. That may sound counter intuitive but the longer you go between washes, the less greasy your hair will be until the last day or two. I can go 4-6 days between my hair washes and my hair will be nice and fluffy until the last two days or so.

On the other end of the transition phase, some people experience super dry hair. Drink lots of water, eat natural fats (like avocados), and maybe put a little coconut oil or other moisturizer of choice in the ends of your hair and put any remaining oil on your scalp. Generally your head will get it all sorted out and you may not even remember your transition phase a few months from now!

Some people have a short transition and others have a longer transition phase. In my experience, if you can go 4 days to a week between washes when you’re in your transition phase that will help speed things along.

Also this isn’t an exact science, if you feel your hair is too greasy, add another tablespoon of baking soda to your squeeze bottle and if you feel your hair is too dry add some more apple cider vinegar to your sprayer bottle. I really hope you guys enjoy this and found this helpful.

Have you tried no-poo? Was this article helpful for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!


More info on no poo:



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