March Update & Favorites

6 1/2 months pregnant!

I have been dying to give you guys the scoop on what’s new with me cause there is a lot, I feel like, to share. I am due between June and July, so I am busy ‘nesting’ as they call it. Dan and I am still currently in a small 16 x 16 room (that’s what I’m guessing anyways it could be less!) at my parents house in Texas, it has no closet so it’s been a bit of a challenge fitting all of our stuff in here.

What we were working with was a built in floating desk and 3 shelves above that, we didn’t really use the desk for anything other than putting small stuff on it, hiding things under it and we had no where to hang up our clothes. So we had been talking about it and last week Daniel ripped it out (the floating desk), now we have an almost-closet! 😀


Our Almost-Closet

We now need to:
Patch up the nail holes
Paint the closet so it’s ONE solid color
Add in our new shelving set up
Add on doors

One of the spots that need patched up and painted.

I’ll make sure a post an update of what the finished closet looks like for you before and after organization nerds. ❤

We got the midwife entirely paid off last week for a grand total of $3,900.00 in less than two months, SO happy! Now in case you’re interested in a midwife, the price is different for each one and pretty much ALL of them accept insurance. I don’t have health insurance because, even though I was born in and live in the USA I don’t have a social security number. So we paid cash. Midwives offer payment plans and you usually have until the 35th week of pregnancy to pay the whole balance. With our midwife, you get a discount for paying it off sooner and so that’s what we did.

As far as the pregnancy goes, I am really healthy so is the baby (tried to find out the gender and then it turns out it’ll have to be a surprise cause this baby is shy 🙂 ), I am currently 24 1/2 weeks pregnant with a total of 16lbs gained thus far. It’s pretty easy to tell from the picture at the top that I have stayed pretty slim. The weight gain is from baby, bust, booty, blood and fluid levels. Booty, because apparently it’s the body’s natural way to keep you balanced during pregnancy, as the belly grows so does your bum! So neat. Don’t worry it will go back to normal! 🙂

In the way of baby supplies, I know I mentioned that we chose to do cloth diapering. We didn’t pick a specific brand we are going with the pocket style reusable diapers that you slip an insert into. That’s just the kind that seemed to make the most sense to me, straight forward and lot’s of cute designs to pick from when you choose your brand/style.


20160311_150025 20160311_150114





We ordered  these ones from and I got 4 with 1 insert for each one, to see how we liked them and if they are actually waterproof. I tested this cover with 1 whole cup of water without any inserts, and it held it in really well, so I slipped in one of the inserts that are sold on the same page and then poured a cup of water into the diaper cover, this time with the insert it soaked up all of the liquid. I would recommend if you get this kind, with the cotton inserts it comes with, to put at least  two inserts for day time use and 3+ for nighttime use depending on your little one. ❤ Anyhow I really liked this kind so we ordered 7 more, for a total of 11 of this one diaper, got all the colors and 3 of them in plain white.

I also ordered a few Shine Baby diapers off of Ebay, because I read some good things and they looked really cute. So far I ordered the two covers below, they aren’t here yet I am really looking forward to them though and if I like them I will include them in my post on baby supplies and cost of the first year that I will be putting up after we are completely baby ready! 🙂

Lot Shine Baby Infant Printed Cloth Nappy Covers Reusable Diapers Liners InsertsNew One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper Washable Reusable New Nappy W/ Inserts Lots

I was also really happy that I was able to make one of the baby’s blankets, I used 100% Cotton on top (from and 100% Crepe Silk (from Dharma Trading) on the bottom.

This is the top, it’s crinkled from being folded and put in our baby bag.
Under side with the silk
Close up of the ADORABLE green/white Elephant pattern


It’s important to us that the baby isn’t exposed to blended materials, at least nothing that will be directly against baby’s skin. So we’ve been careful when choosing each item like blankets, clothing, sheets, diaper inserts (not so much with the covers), etc.

Also, the first few baby poos are going to be meconium (a black tarry/sticky substance) and this WILL stain cloth inserts or liners for your diapers in addition to being difficult to clean SO for our first few days with baby we got this awesome pack of 40 newborn size diapers and full size pack of wipes as a free sample from Seventh Generation I only paid $1.99 for shipping!

We’re shopping for a new car right now, haven’t started “officially” looking just yet. If you have any suggestions feel free to share in the comments below! Not sure how many children we will end up having so we need a car that will last a good chunk of time, grow with us, and feel comfortable inside. I believe Dan was looking at the Hyundai Sonata 2015, anyone have any experience with one?

On another note, our marriage. We took a small break from dates while we paid off the midwife, this last Sunday however we took the whole day (after doing our workouts, and seeing our midwife) to go out to lunch, explore a really big outlet mall and then go to the theatre to see “Allegiant” which is part/movie 3 of the Insurgent movie series.
I had a great time and it just felt SO good to get out and just have fun with my hubby! ❤

We were considering going on a small weekend babymoon next month or so, and heading out to the beach or some other beautifully, relaxing, and romantic destination. Again, any suggestions? Have any of you guys seen any good babymoon ideas? 🙂
Hope you guys enjoyed this update, I am going to work on writing more, I have been so busy preparing for baby that I have been neglecting this blog a bit and I don’t want it to get stale. ❤

Have a great night and I’d love to hear your thoughts about all of this and if you have any questions!!


All the best ❤


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