Fitness and Health

Exercises & Stretches
My Pregnancy Workout
A guide to a fit pregnancy.

20160119_140148Relaxing Rose Tea Recipe
Find out how roses are the all natural happy ‘drug’!


20151030_120032 Butternut Squash Soup (Vegan/Healthy)
This is a recipe that I made up as squash season came in October.
Optional: to make this recipe Paleo add chicken.
Gluten Free / Vegan Chocolate Covered Cake Truffles!
Delicious and so easy to make, just takes some patience!
20151012_201646   Banana Cream Smoothie (Vegan-Paleo)
Bananas & Coconut Milk – Ice Cream Alternative (Homemade)

Paleo Pancake Flour Free Pancakes!
Pancakes made from an egg and a banana???
1450210872260-1Watermelon Slushie
A simple and refreshing treat with
only three ingredients.

20160223_113830Creamy Coconut Popsicles (2 ingredients)!
It’s super easy, vegan, healthy, and SUGAR FREE!

Health Tips
How to get rid of cellulite.. (Without Exercising!)

Pregnancy Overview
bumpie_week_10_flagPregnancy Blues (Weeks 6 – 10)
1447543415300-1Pregnancy Pinks (Weeks 11 – 12)
Pregnancy Yellows (Weeks 13 – 20)


Healthy Snacks Delivered Monthly
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